First Hand Experience of Kibo Eclipse (REVIEW)

Budding entrepreneurs, fearing rejection, often set out to conquer the business world alone. They plunge into the deep end of the pool, blindfolded, without a map, and without guidance. They make all the mistakes possible, learn all the lessons painfully, and then start their business. If it works out, great. They’ve founded a company, made a lot of money, and enjoyed the ride. But if it doesn’t work out, they’ve got a lot of explaining to do, and it’s not easy to do when you’re alone. You can’t talk to your family or friends about your business because they might tell you what you should have done differently. Having someone to bounce ideas off of can be invaluable. Enter Kibo Eclipse.


Kibo Eclipse is a digital platform that helps aspiring entrepreneurs succeed. It’s a comprehensive business education system that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to start and run an e-commerce business with a twist. It’s a self-paced, online course that lets you learn whenever and wherever you are, and it’s jam-packed with videos, exercises, and quizzes to test your knowledge. Further designed to be flexible and integrated with your existing business resources, Kibo Eclipse helps transform your typical understanding of e-commerce and entrepreneurship into a reality.

Kibo Eclipse Review – One Solution for Ecom Store

To give you a better perspective on what Kibo Eclipse is and does, in the following sections, we will discuss its components, how it can help you start and run a successful business, and more.

What Is Kibo Eclipse?

Technology with its myriad of possibilities has turned entrepreneurship into an online enterprise. It’s one thing to be able to start a business and another entirely different thing to run it successfully. For many businesses, selling products or services on e-commerce sites isn’t enough; they want more customers and want more sales, so they seek ways of increasing their exposure in hopes that people will come knocking on their doors. But how do you get customers? How do you market your business? And how do you encourage repeat sales? Those are just some of the questions entrepreneurs faces when they want to build a successful business. To help answer these questions, Kibo Eclipse is here.

A Video which shows you what Kibo Eclipse Program Is?

Kibo Eclipse presents digital entrepreneurship lessons that teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to make money online using very unique styles of e-commerce. Presented by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – both well-known, well-respected names in internet marketing – Kibo Eclipse represents decades of combined experience, formal education, and sheer dedication to success. This alone makes Kibo eclipse worth considering and trying out. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of over two decades worth of experience behind them?

The program provides effective training materials for launching an online business that is uniquely tailored toward individual needs and what works best for you personally. You learn step-by-step instructions on launching a profitable business like starting with niche selection, branding yourself correctly, promoting PPC, and, most importantly, building trust. These are all essential components to ensuring that your business grows fast with a sustainable income.

With easy-to-understand concepts presented by expert trainers who not only know what they’re talking about but also live it day after day, online entrepreneurs can benefit from being part of Kibo Eclipse!

8 Unrivaled Features of Kibo Eclipse

Being a full-fledged online entrepreneurship training program, Kibo Eclipse offers lessons that are divided into several modules. Each is tailored to drive you into action and show you step by step what it takes to become an online entrepreneur and how to start your own e-commerce business or even improve existing ones. Here are some of its key features:

1) Kibo Incubator

As a startup or even an existing business owner, how much money do you spend on trying to determine what products will give you maximum profits? How long do you need to wait before your product shows results? How much time will you waste in researching and developing your products, which may not even succeed? The good news is that in Kibo Eclipse, with its first 8-weeks of the core training module, you will be taught valuable strategies that can guide you into making better decisions regarding your products. You will learn how to establish a flourishing e-commerce business around your niche in record time while being assured of its sustainability.

2) Kibo Jumpstart

Put yourself through a 30-days challenge that will ensure you’re on your way to building an online business from scratch. The training modules of Kibo Jumpstart present proven strategies and techniques for marketing your brand and attracting a substantial following. Plus, it also shows you how to earn money right away, even before you’ve established your e-commerce store, and with no financial outlay in sight! From setting up a progress report chart to meeting milestones that move you one step closer to your goals, everything is spelled out clearly in clear English.

3) Kibo HQ

Now that you have established your business and are gaining your first clients, what happens next? This module gives a clear answer to that question. It gives actionable strategies on how to build strong relationships with your followers by connecting with them and making them feel valued. Kibo HQ teaches you how to maintain transparency in all transactions so people will feel more confident when doing business with you. Plus, it shows you how to start acquiring new customers through your online marketing efforts and helps turn these prospects into paying clients. And much more!

4) Kibo Oracle

Get your hands on a market-proven e-commerce application that allows you to track, manage and analyze millions of products to find those low-hanging fruits. The Kibo Oracle feature assists you in driving traffic to your site and conversion and helping you grow your business by increasing sales. From finding profitable products with good searchability and high commission all in one place to running daily reports on your affiliate marketing campaigns and competitor intelligence updates, everything is covered. These should be no surprise given their power to take your business by storm. You will learn how leveraging digital resources can increase your chances of generating profits even further.

5) Kibo Converters

Driving traffic to your online business is often easy but converting them into real paying customers is a whole other story. This module will show you how to convert these leads into true clients by enriching your business with a multitude of business conversation tools. From automated chatbots to PVSA (private virtual sales assistant), all is laid out in step-by-step processes that are super simple and, most importantly, actionable! With detailed reports on your key performance indicators, you can also track your progress as well as easily determine which strategies are working for you. In addition, there are also various bonus programs that allow for customizable workflows and scalability based on product type and focus.

6) Kibo Socializer

Think that social media is just a tool for showing off and not much else? Think again! This module will show you how using your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts can help you generate more profits. You’ll also be provided with step-by-step tutorials on how to maximize your use of these platforms so that they don’t become a complete waste of time. I highly recommend every entrepreneur takes full advantage of this feature as it’s absolutely game-changing for any online business owner.

7) Kibo Accelerators

Driving traffic and conversions is one thing but building a loyal base of customers is another. To get to that stage, you need to first gain their trust through multiple successful transactions. This module teaches how to boost your reputation in front of your followers by providing them with exceptional products and services at all times. You’ll also be shown how to delight these potential customers with bonuses, gifts, and special offers over time so they will feel appreciated as well as connected. Following this, you’ll be able to convert these digital leads into sales plus build an unbreakable bond with them at all times.

8) Kibo Mentorpoint

Get expert assistance 24X7 from your mentor. There are numerous questions you will be asking yourself as you take on your first business venture, and during that time, having someone there to guide you is invaluable. That’s where Kibo’s top-tier mentors come in. They have a proven track record in growing profitable businesses of their own which means they’ll have no problem helping you out with yours. Unlike most other systems that boast lifetime support but fail miserably when it comes to actual follow-through, here at Kibo, we ensure all customers receive a response within 48 hours at most.

How Kibo Eclipse Program Work?

Now that we have covered every aspect of Kibo Eclipse, it is time to look at how all these features can help you grow your business.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll be able to accomplish by using Kibo as your main digital toolkit for e-commerce success. Given below are simple and actionable steps that will allow you to scale your business and get more profits over time.

How does Kibo Eclipse Works?

1) Setting Up Your Personalized E-Commerce Website

Obviously, if you want to make a profit online, you need a website where you can promote your products or services. Kibo provides you everything – from platform to highly customizable template – to get started with an attractive and interactive e-commerce website in no time at all.

2) Find Winning Products

People generally don’t have time to look for products they want to buy online, which is why it’s so important to find niche products that sell well. Using Kibo, you can explore various ways of tracking down profitable products and finally find a winning product or range of products you can sell.

3) Define Your Profit Strategy

Once you have your products, it’s time to build a strategy for making a profit from them. Using Kibo, you can create an unlimited number of product packages and define different strategies for selling your products and make changes whenever needed. So, if you discover that one product isn’t performing so well or isn’t in demand as before, you can simply remove it from your offer or set a lower price for it.

4) Make Sales by Optimizing Your Sales Process

So, now you have your products and a plan for selling them. But, if your sales process isn’t well defined, there’s no way you’ll be able to achieve a high rate of conversion from visitors to sales. Here, Kibo helps you define multiple ways in which customers can buy from you. If one method isn’t working so well for some reason or another, you can change it at any time or replace it with another method. In other words, changing anything about your sales process is easy and completely doable within minutes. And that leads us on to our next point – personalization!

5) Rinse and Repeat

Finally, it’s time to start getting results. With Kibo, you can keep track of your progress by gathering data on a regular basis. So, in other words, if you notice that some of your profits are falling short of expectations, you can make changes before things start getting worse. Likewise, if everything is going well for a certain period of time, Kibo will allow you to define new targets for sales and optimize each aspect of your business accordingly. The digital platform allows you to follow every change in real-time while also giving you a long-term outlook on how much money your e-commerce business can bring in over time.

What is the Pricing Of Kibo Eclipse?

For a one-time fee of $3497 or $997 paid in four installments, you get lifetime access to Kibo’s main features. With Kibo, you can finally give your business all it needs to reach new heights and make more profits over time.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a comprehensive digital toolkit that will help you grow your e-commerce business, there’s no better alternative than Kibo. The platform makes it easy to set up an attractive website with multiple functionalities and a fully functional back-end where you can define all aspects of your sales process in advance. And when it comes to making sales online – whether via personalized marketing or by using a beautifully designed landing page – there’s simply no platform more effective than Kibo.